t-SHOE is the result of the most advanced concept in the pressing technologies. It brings state of the art pressing features developed in order to provide high performance and stable operations. We provide a user friendly tool that allow to increase overall efficiency and maximise the life cycle cost.

Dedicated solutions for each paper grade.

Different layout options to fit customer needs.

Large sizing of components to guarantee stable operation.

Easy to operate.

Max load up to 1400 kN/m.

Shoe Press Services

Shoe press overhaul

Shoe press is a component that always works under high stress and its efficiency influences the complete process. For that reason periodical maintenance, usually each 2 years, is strongly suggested in order to keep all the components in good conditions. TECHSO offer a service of qualified and well-trained personnel.

Shoe repair and polishing

Accidents on shoe can occur and the result is often the damage of the shoe. If the shoe is scratched, even deeply, TECHSO technicians can repair it directly at mill site by welding and honing, without affecting the straightness of the shoe.

Nip impression

If problems of moisture are detected on the machine, a good way to find the origin is to start from press section loading profile. TECHSO engineers can assist the Customer to do the nip impression and can give recommendations to Customer how to operate to fix the issue.

Shoe press survey

Shoe press efficiency is impacting very much on the complete process efficiency. TECHSO can support the Customer finding critical points on shoe press, of any manufacturer. TECHSO technicians can check the shoe press based on the different point of view, technology, mechanics, hydraulics and automation.

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